There is no other sport quite like Rugby. The speed and grace of open field play coupled with the intensity and chaos of contact is simply unmatched. Just as special is the athleticism, passion, and camaraderie required to play.

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Nick Gere is a talented play maker with the Northwest Woodsmen Rugby Club. Nick is one of the lucky few who actually grew up playing rugby in the States. We asked “Mr. Worldwide” to write a few lines on what rugby meant to him and how you can get involved in the greatest sport there is.

Nick being awarded Man-of-the-Match

Age   25
Position  Scrumhalf
Number #9
Nicknames  “Pitbull
“Mr. Worldwide”
Joined Club
Rugby PR 4 Tries in one game

How long have you been playing rugby?

I’ve been playing rugby for 12 years. I started when I was about 12 years old when my dad signed me up. Fell in love with it and have been playing for half my life.

How long have you been a Woodsmen?

I have been playing with the Woodsmen since I was in high school. My youth club would have training sessions with the Woodsmen and they would ask if I wanted to play with them.

Tell us about your favorite score.

I picked the ball from a ruck in our half and ran through the entire team and embarrassed their fullback in a 1vs1!

Do you have any lifetime goals in Rugby?

I want to become a club legend for the Woodsmen. One of those players that is still talked about decades later.

What is your favorite or current position?

I have been a scrum half for the majority of my rugby career. I love it because it’s a position that has a lot of play making opportunities.

What’s the best way to get into Rugby?

Come out and play! Give it a shot, people usually get hooked or scared off right away.

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Thanks Nick, great stuff from a great Woodsmen! Throughout the year we will be sharing other player’s stories like Nick’s because we want to share this great sport with you. Check out our website or social media pages to learn how you too can play Rugby and be a Woodsmen!
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